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Honesty, patience and caring. Those three words describe the core of our real estate agent, Priscila Idrovo.


After renting in Cuenca for several months, we decided to invest and support the economy of the city by becoming property owners.


We worked with several realtors with little success. The initial agents paid little attention to our preferences and needs, which frustrated and stifled our search, almost to a point of abandonment. Then we met Priscila, who took note of our wish list and actually listened to what we wanted.


When our search closed in on a particular condo in a wonderful location, her advice throughout the decision process was helpful and supportive. With a low-key attitude, we never felt pressure from Priscila as we had from the other realtors, and we genuinely felt that her primary concern was that our final decision would lead to our happiness and comfort.


Priscila’s fine qualities were underscored during the negotiation of the sale. As she negotiated with the broker to lower the asking amount, we overheard him quip that her commission was based on the selling price, to which she replied that she didn’t care, that it was her primary job to represent her clients and obtain the best possible deal. In this day and age it is truly refreshing to meet a person with such integrity.


We are happily settled in the beautiful condo Priscila discovered for us, and it is a place that we now proudly call our home.


If you are looking for an agent who will always be at your side, acting in your best interest and will diligently pursue your needs and desires, look no further than Priscila Idrovo at Cuenca Property. Her strong work ethic and integrity put her in a class of her own.


Kevin & Mary

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